Training Courses

TERRESTRIAL CITIES is an educational initiative on the ecological city of tomorrow. Produced by a group of people from the worlds of activism, public action, publishing, and local communities, it is intended for anyone working to shape the city space.

Skills and Praxis

TERRESTRIAL CITIES provides learners with a synthetic, organized, and problematized overview of the range of theoretical viewpoints and initiatives currently underway in this domain, giving them the tools to find their bearings in the vast literature and develop their own opinions. It fosters better dialogue with experts and professionals from different public departments and sectors.

The TERRESTRIAL CITIES course presents learners with a selection of current and former initiatives by institutions and activists, providing a panoramic view of possible action and a multidisciplinary survey of the field of urban ecology.

Finally, the TERRESTRIAL CITIES course supplies learners with a system of evaluation (the 5 pillars) that they can use to quickly assess initiatives and distinguish between green washing and real change. The difference between the two can at times be a question of nuance or priority (for instance, nature in the city initiatives—which can be constructive—can become harmful if they are reduced to adding trees to cities to fight climate change or if they are used to sum up the field of urban ecology).


Our interactive and dynamic courses are based on the finding that trainers and learners both have knowledge to share and acquire.

Our pedagogy enters into a dialogue with the practices and perspectives of learners, who are on the ground working to shape their communities every day. The process of sharing theories, initiatives, and tools is directly linked to the professional practices and perspectives of all course participants.

At the end of the course, each participant receives a 60-page document containing all the content discussed (the TERRESTRIAL CITIES handbook), which can help them further their knowledge independently.


We offer three different courses:

level 1 -> initiation (half a day)
classroom, focused on the game or the handbook

level 2 -> awareness (one day)
classroom, focused on the handbook

level 3 -> training (two days)
one day in the classroom and one day in the field (commented explorations of urban territories and site visits)

Additional Information


Have a beginning practice and some knowledge in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape design, or urban ecology.


Participants will receive a Terrestrial Cities certificate at the end of the course.


Courses take place in France (Paris, Marseille, Angoulême), Italy (Bologna), Belgium (Liège), and Spain (Barcelona).

In these six cities, courses can take place in our centers or on-site at your organization or in your community.

Calendar: coming soon.

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Becoming trainer

You want to become a Terrestrial cities trainer and learn how to run training courses using the handbook?

Write to us at to introduce yourself. If validated, we will send you the entire handbook.