The Game

If you had the opportunity to design the city of tomorrow, how would you imagine it? How would you conceive it? What would you do first to change it for the better?

The TERRESTRIAL CITIES game is an initiation and a gateway to our course.

The Climate Fresk asks questions; the Terrestrial Cities game encourages us to work together to come up with local and ecological ways of life.

Principle and Purpose of the Game

With 74 tool cards offering various means of action, and keeping in mind the 5 objectives of the game’s pillars as outlined below:

  1. POROUS CITY: Circulation of water and living beings
  2. NOURISHING CITY: Toward a healthful and local food supply
  3. REHABILITATED CITY: Dwelling together in existing buildings and infrastructure
  4. PRODUCTIVE CITY: Hands-on work
  5. CARING CITY: Invisible infrastructure

the players collectively choose the cards they feel are most effective to build an ecological policy for your community, within a given time/budget.

!Be careful not to spend your credits on useless, cosmetic, or green washing measures! And be sure to have a balanced mix of construction projects (which are intensive and costly) and more flexible and impactful solutions!

Starting Point

You are a member of a newly elected city council or a citizens’ assembly charged with implementing your city’s environmental action program.

Required materials


  • 1 main deck (60 cards) for 4 to 6 players
  • 1 additional set (40 cards) for 6+ players
  • Terrestrial Cities 5 pillars


  • Tokens (time/budget credits)
  • 1 dice of 6

Terms of play

The game lasts about an 1h30. Four people are needed to play the game, with an animator.

What you will learn

  • Acquire the basics of municipal environmental policy
  • Discover and evaluate a hundred urban ecology tools
  • Expand your knowledge outside your area of expertise
  • Learn about the dynamics of collective decision-making in a municipal context
  • Discover an evaluation grid for urban ecology projects